Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr visit and chocolate

I finally agreed to have the sterroid shots in my foot.  I have nerve damage to the right foot and am doing everything to get it better.  Enough about that.

Prior to going to my 10:15 appt this morning I knew I had to buy groceries before getting there because I would have to be off the foot a few days.  I ran thru the grocery store faster that I have in a long time ....except when I got to the chocolate.  I would have to have some comfort food and I knew THIS is what I wanted.  Well, way tooooo many chocolates to every get thru.  I had two minutes to decide which bar.  Berry, hot, bits, imports, 85% pure???, dark, darker, darkest????  HELP!!!!  It was when I got to Chuao Chocolatier  "Firecracker" containing: Dark chocolate,  chipotle, salt and POPPING ROCKS I couldn't resist.  I giggled, threw it in my basket and zipped off.  It is fun and tasty.  Give it a try!

Dr Oz

Yep, I am a follower of this charming man.  I do think, however, that he does push the envelope at times, AND how many men get to hug that many women in a day?  Give me a job that allows me to get hugs from that many men EVERY day and I am certain my endorphins will be ooozzzing out my pours.

Anybody other than me have BELLY FAT?  Something about hitting 50 I guess.  And enjoying those apple fritters down the street doesn't help either.

Ok, this recipe was on the Dr Oz show and all the ingredients fight belly fat.  A full plate of this concoction is a whopping 160 calories.  Here in grapefruit land, I am always trying to find ways to enjoy those beautiful Ruby Red's.  Here it is:

3 - fresh grapefruit cut up in wedges
1 - grated jacima (that big almond colored flatish thing in the produce my sister she will tell you how to pronounce it, heck she might even tell you how to spell it!)
2 - cups grated carrots
Pistachio nuts

Sauce:  fresh squeezed lemon or lime or both about 1/3 cup, pepper (chili, jalapeno, something hot (a bit fat burner) about 2 tblsp, 1 round tblsp minced or chopped garlic, and 1 round tblsp brn sugar.

Wisp this stuff together, pour over the grapefruit blend garnish with pistachio nuts and cilantro and watch that belly fat d i s a p p e a r ... eventually.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sophi is my cat.  Her full name is Sophi Georgia O'Keef.  She is part Siamese and part stripped something which is the reason she has striking blue crossed eyes.  She was adopted here in San Angelo just a couple years ago.  Once I figure out how to post pic's I will post one of her.  Anyway, being newly married as WE are, yes he had to marry her too.  Sophi has experienced the finer things in life, windows, lots and lots of windows to watch the vast number of birds that visit us daily.

Lately we have allowed her outside for short periods of time.  I am certain her vision isn't very good so we try to keep close watch on her as she explores.  We toss bird seed on the sidewalk so that Randy (my husband) and I can watch them feed while we sit on the porch and drink our coffee.  This particular day, Randy went on to work and I went inside.  Sophi on the other hand got to stay out and watch the birds......I looked outside the door and there she was hidden in the grass about 3 feet from the birds just watching them.  She never made a move just sat still.  I was amazed. 

Family Recipe with help?

Day 1 - First Blog .... ever!

Newly married as I am, got this recipe from off Granny's cabinet door which has been there for probably 50+ years.  It said "Mama's pancakes."  Meaning Mr. Harris' mother's recipe. Which could very well be over 100 yrs old.

It is as follows:
1 - egg ...I had one
1 - Cup buttermilk ...NOT ...used sour cream with water mixed in
2 - T oil ...canola? EVOO? Veg?
1 - Cup flour ...I used my unbleached
1 - T Sugar
1 - tsp baking power ...had some but pretty old!
1/2 - tsp baking soda ...only had some open in frig so didn't use.
1/2 - tsp salt ...used extra since didn't have soda.

Mix and you will enjoy some of the most delicious pancakes ever.  They turned out very light and had a very delicate taste.