Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr visit and chocolate

I finally agreed to have the sterroid shots in my foot.  I have nerve damage to the right foot and am doing everything to get it better.  Enough about that.

Prior to going to my 10:15 appt this morning I knew I had to buy groceries before getting there because I would have to be off the foot a few days.  I ran thru the grocery store faster that I have in a long time ....except when I got to the chocolate.  I would have to have some comfort food and I knew THIS is what I wanted.  Well, way tooooo many chocolates to every get thru.  I had two minutes to decide which bar.  Berry, hot, bits, imports, 85% pure???, dark, darker, darkest????  HELP!!!!  It was when I got to Chuao Chocolatier  "Firecracker" containing: Dark chocolate,  chipotle, salt and POPPING ROCKS I couldn't resist.  I giggled, threw it in my basket and zipped off.  It is fun and tasty.  Give it a try!

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